Wordoid, a fast paced word game.

Use your spelling skills with strategic use of special tiles to beat the clock and advance to the next level!

UNDER DEVELOPMENT:  I'd love any feedback you have. Was it intuitive to play? Too easy or hard? Notice any bugs? 

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StatusIn development
Release date Apr 20, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Educational, Strategy
Tags2D, High Score, Score Attack, Singleplayer, spelling, spelling-game, Word game
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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Delightfully addictive! :)

Here are some thoughts - take them with a grain of salt.

  • The audio is a bit monotonous, maybe if the tones shift up in pitch as you add more and more letters to your word.
  • I got an orange letter and used it, but wasn't sure what that gave me. With the timer, you don't really have time to stop and look to see how the score changes - so maybe some sort of visual feedback there.
  • The game over sound is terrible - sorry for the bluntness, just my .02
  • I thought it was fun - I found myself wanting to quit to go do something else (I have a short attention span sometimes), but I'd level up and want to keep going - so I think there is something there.

Great feedback, thanks! Haha, yes, the audio needs a lot of work and is mostly placeholder for now. The orange/bonus letter boosts the score of the word you use it with - I need a way to communicate this in-game without having to hit the player over the head with instructions. 

Might be a good idea if the tiles fall down to fill the space left by a word. Otherwise you get deadspots full of horrid letters. This also adds a bit of strategy to pick words at the top or bottom of screen first.

Thanks, still tweaking it! Better random letter selection might help with the deadspots e.g. a new tile should be a vowel if it's surrounded by consonants. Did you figure out the bonus/orange tiles give you even more points for long words? One strategy is to pick words near bonus tiles to help you get the letters you need for a big scoring word.

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good fun, but please let me turn off audio...

Thanks for the feedback! Yep, still need to add this to the pause menu.

also a more obvious visual effect for when you're running out of time please.

When running low on time, do you think a tweak like changing the flash colour or flash speed would be enough? Or these would still be hard to notice because the visual feedback is at bottom of the screen?

For me, the issue is that the timer is on the bottom... I dont see it till its too late.

I would move it to the left or right... maybe a vertical timer counting down to the bottom, like sand running out...